Links and Multimedia

Always a talented speaker, Ryan had many opportunities in his life to share what God has laid on his heart.  The following are links to Ryan speaking at churches, and also blog posts, articles, and tributes written about Ryan.


Print and Audio by/about Ryan (Other than “Living in High Definition”)


Anonymous said...

This is such a touching story and i can't believe that he is actually gone now. My grandad ws just like Ryan but my grandpa died earlier. Ryan will be missed. R.I.P Ryan Scott Prudhomme u r very missed!!

Tony's mom said...

So thankful to God for the gift of Ryan, and of Kendra, but speahless in grief at the loss of someone I know only from words on my screen. I was praying for a spectacular miracle. Maybe we really did receive the miracle but it looks other than what we thought it would and will be seen in the future in the lives Ryan's and Kendra's faith has touched.