Saturday, September 15, 2012

By the road I wait

A while ago
I had traveled this road.
But I was asked to get off
And set down my load.

So I sit by the side
And watch the traffic go by.
I catch glimpses of smiles
As they speed and they fly.

It's quiet and lonely
Here with my thoughts.
Thinking of sunshine I saw
'Ere the day I got off.

How fast the cars move,
How invisible I feel.
They don't see me sobbing
As I crumple and kneel.

"Why am I here, God?
Why must I wait?
I have kept your commandments,
I have persisted in faith.

I trust you and love you,
But I really must go.
I've been waiting here too long,
With nothing to show."

I beg and I whimper,
I complain and I cry.
But all I hear is silence
And the cars passing by.

1 comment:

The Greek From Detroit said...

Ive been praying my heart out for four years and it seems to be falling on deaf ears! I listen but i hear nothing. MS has taken so much from me. Houses cars apartments divorce. Its loss after loss. And now i find myself in bed 90 percent of the day. I love this poem. I get it. Im living it