Monday, March 26, 2012

Your Family

I've been blessed to work full time since I was diagnosed. Many people wonder why I do that. I don't always feel 100% but still go in most days. I've shared before that I feel strongly every day at work is an investment into some one's life. That kind of intrinsic value in what I do makes it worth it.

There is a second reason though. That staff that I work with is incredible. If you've never worked at a camp or a community where you live, work, serve, and minister together it may be hard to understand. The camp staff are truly more of a camp family then any other way to describe it. We walk side by side in this journey to use The Power of Camp to change lives.

We also walk side by side through life. Whether it's joys and successes or births and weddings to sadness, sickness, death, and pain. We are a family and we're here for each other.

Scans are always excruciating for Kendra and I. The day of and really the 10 minutes before the doc walks in seem to stretch for hours. I think I age a week in 10 minutes. So much hinges on that doctor's words and our futures could change dramatically. It's just really stressful.

This past set of scans was the most peaceful we've ever encountered. I think there's one main reason. Beginning the day we left to go to Chicago we started getting periodic e-mails from the staff at Grace Adventures anonymously under the alias These were inspiring scripture, links to worship videos, anything people thought might encourage us.

It was so powerful to know that these people who love us so much went out of their way to help keep us focused on all of our God as we were in a valley of waiting.

So thank you Grace Adventures! Thanks for your help, support, love, encouragement, and friendship. Everybody from staff, to volunteers, to board members, to former campers and families. I couldn't be where I am today with out you guys and you've been a vital part of our journey. We can't say thank you enough!

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