Sunday, October 7, 2012

A promise in the trenches

Job 8:21 NIV

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
and your lips with shouts of joy.

This verse was posted online today by someone that I follow on Twitter. Thank the Lord that I saw this promise this morning and could rely on it as my husband drove away to Zion an hour ago to get his nasty treatment that will make me a de facto single mom/caretaker for about nine days, and my son went to pieces and screamed for his dad to come back. I sat down on the floor and cried with him. Actually, I still am crying. I hate the family time that cancer has robbed from us. I hate the stress it has added to my young son's life.

And yet I know that on the other side of this valley, there is peace. Joy. Hope. Comfort. Smiles.

I don't know what those circumstances look like. I don't know if my husband and I will high five each other here on earth and celebrate victory over cancer, or if we will high five each other in heaven someday when the second person gets there, and celebrate our ultimate victory in Christ, but I cling to the sure fact that there are better days ahead than this for those who follow Christ. Those days will be full of laughter and shouts of joy.


Carol said...

Thanks for the hope that this Scripture brings, Kendra. I know your heart aches from the separation and anxiety of the situation with Ryan. My daughter and I are headed to CTCA in the morning, as well, where I will receive my first chemo treatment. I'm a little nervous, but mostly hopeful that God will provide the grace that I need to see this through. God bless you and Colton, and may He heal Ryan radically and completely.

Unknown said...

I have never met you but I went through a similar situation with a very close friend of mine. Please know that I pray for your family, especially for total healing for Ryan everyday. For some reason God placed you on my heart a year ago when a friend posted something on facebook about Ryan. Someday I hope to meet you face to face and share how God is using your situation to rebuild my faith.
In the meantime, I pray...
Paula Creswell

brooke nichols said...

as i read this i smiled- literally smiled! whenever i think of you i get a smile on my face. i rember how you were always so happy in class, and how no matter what happened you put a smile o for us. and i ccant help but smile when i think of you and b thakfull for everyhing i have and look on the bright side of things. i just recently wrote a atory about you, and how i looked up to you, ,and how hopefull you were! i really whish you taught up here in the high shcool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!