Thursday, August 4, 2011

Changes in plans all over the place

Hey there everybody, the last week has not been as fabulous as the normal week when Ryan is off of chemo, but it has had its high points.  Here are the new developments:

  1. Grand Haven's Lakeshore Middle School offered me a job teaching 8th grade Spanish & French.  I accepted after much agonizing about the right decision, childcare, Ryancare, etc.  They have been extremely gracious to me throughout the process and I'm beginning to switch my mind over to school mode (it has been turned exclusively to family mode since April 1st).  It is a one-year position only, but I know that the Lord will provide for 2012.  I won't even worry about that yet.
  2. Ryan has been diagnosed with a sinus infection, and last night he complained of pain in his chest.  We took him to Mercy to figure out what was going on, and it turns out that he had the beginnings of pneumonia.  I praise God for the fact that we followed our instinct to get him checked out - and so thankful that I had a sinus infection this past spring that turned into a somewhat nasty pneumonia, so I was aware of the symptoms.  Ryan's pneumonia is very mild and he has no discomfort.  However, since he has to treat it with antibiotics, our scans will no longer be on the 10th of August.  It is looking like they will be somewhere earlier in the week of August 22nd.  Coincidentally, I am scheduled to begin my orientation at GH on the 22nd.  We are both super frustrated.  He feels fine enough to get chemotherapy, but they won't treat him until he has been off of antibiotics for 7 days.
  3. Colton continues to show signs of food allergies, much to the chagrin of his mama.  A few weeks ago he was off dairy, soy, and gluten and doing fine.  Then he was declared allergic to dairy.  When I reintroduced soy and gluten to him, he instantly starting having GI problems again.  I took soy back out, thinking that might be the culprit.  However, he still has messy pants several times a day and his poor little behind is raw and red.  He threw up on the day of my interview at GH, and he threw up again last night right before we returned from the ER at 2 a.m. (thanks for taking one for the team, Grandma Cathey).  So we are seeking a referral to a specialist to get him checked out further.
So, things have been a little more stressful than they normally are, but we are thankful that Ryan is still seemingly fine.  Stage IV cancer symptoms?  Nope, none.  Pneumonia symptoms?  Hardly.

I'm beginning to think that I might be married to Chuck Norris.


Kayla said...

married to chuck norris? very possible... praying for you guys, and excited to see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Kendra- so excited you are joining our school family!!! Continued prayers for you, Ryan and Colton as you make this transition. Sounds like you have two tough guys by your side! Keep trusting in Him as well! I admire your faith. Talk soon! Amanda Sorrelle

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Dr. Detorres in Muskegon (on Harvey, just south of Pontaluna) for an allergist. I know it would be a drive for you, but he is WONDERFUL (as are his PA's).

Liz Nyenhuis