Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only 3 More Days!

**Blog hijacked AGAIN!**

Just wanted to stop by in our flurry of activity to remind everyone that the benefit for Ryan and Kendra is THIS Saturday. This one coming up. Three days away. As my kids say, "ONLY THREE MORE SLEEPS!" And while we are scurrying around I have to stop not only to remind you of the amazing RODEO, but also tell you that "Rodeo Roadies", as we've taken to calling ourselves, are seeing glimpses of God everywhere we turn. We are amazed at the generosity and outpouring of love for Ryan and Kendra from not only loved ones, but perfect strangers! Our God has been with us, and we can tell from here that He loves Ryan, Kendra and Colton. He's so good.

Now, time to get to the grit of the post.

I was sitting at my kitchen table in a Rodeo meeting with my friend, Saddlebags, and I got a call from Spur, our Rodeo Auction chief, giddy with the last minute items that are rolling in. But she said something that shot nerves straight to my core. "Lee, you've gotta find people with money! There are so many great items here, but we have to sell them all! We need PEOPLE at the RODEO!"

Consider this your cattle call, folks! We need you to come to the

August 6th
at Paradise Ranch, in Mears, MI
8175 W. Juniper Beach Rd.

Welcome Wagon begins at 3:30.

We've planned a full afternoon of fun, FOOD, bake sale, family activities, a little Rodeo fun, and one AMAZING AUCTION (full list of items here). You can bet your horse, you're gonna have a good 'ole time. Please bring friends, family, and perfect strangers to come haul some of these auction items away! EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR of this event has been donated folks. DONATED. So every single dollar earned is going to the expenses Ryan and Kendra are facing.

Couple last minute items or Ranch, Jingle Boss, and Saddlebags may have my hide.

There will be lots of parking and tractors and buses for the event, but if ya'll could "wagon-pool" that'd be great!

We've got shade trees and good eats, thanks to Cookie and Barbwire, but you're gonna need CHAIRS or a blanket to sit on.

And one last thing before I wish you "Happy Trails?"

We'd covet your prayers for Ryan and Kendra and for God to accomplish His purposes this weekend!

See ya'll REAL soon!

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