Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More details.

Hey there everybody,

So now that we've gotten all the details, read the lab reports, and analyzed the situation to death, here is full disclosure.  Some of it is encouraging and some of it just plain sucks.
  • There have been no significant changes since June.
  • Cancer that has not shrunk by this point does not typically begin to shrink, but there is still a chance that it might.
  • The doctor did not see shrinking on the MRI, but that doesn't mean that the cancer is not shrinking a little bit.  It is difficult to differentiate between tumors and scar tissue on an MRI.  Ryan's liver enzymes have lowered since last time, which would indicate that the treatment is working.  Next time we get scans, we are doing all three - CT, MRI, and PET scans to analyze it even further.  (He has not yet had a PET scan because his cancer is hard to see on a PET scan.)
  • Ryan is tolerating the chemo drugs quite well, but Cisplatin (one of his two drugs) is very harsh.  If he begins to have adverse reactions, we might have to change course - but since Cisplatin is helping the cancer stabilize, we really hope that he can stay on it as long as possible.
  • The next scans will be somewhere around the 26th of October.
  • Our God is no less able than he was during the last three cycles.  We have seen God do some pretty incredible, amazing things throughout this journey.  Whatever doubt I have had in my life of God's faithfulness and existence has been TOTALLY wiped out.  He is here, he is working.  I may have raged at him furiously today for not yet answering my most fervent prayers (and still have yet to repent for that), but I need to remind myself that although he may not have yet delivered us from cancer, that he still can.  I have no doubt in his healing power whatsoever...I'm just not sure about his timing.  I want this gone NOW.
  • We are going to keep going on this course for the time being.
  • Life is still very, very enjoyable and I've never loved Ryan more than I have today.  I don't think that it will surprise any of you that Ryan's attitude is totally upbeat and he has been supporting ME through this the last couple of hours.  You may think your spouse is amazing, but I can assure you that mine is even more amazing.  So there. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Kendra, Ryan & Colton, We were so blessed in meeting you & praying over you. God's grace & peace is so evident in your lives even in the face of such news, this was what we said as we left your house the other night. I am known for my stubborness & relentless persuit on things I set my heart on. So, when we said we will pray & keep on praying for Ryan's body to reflect what we already know to be true in His spirit, that he is healed we meant it. Would love to pray again w/ you both directly but know this, we are praying w/ you both in spirit. You both are amazing people, thank you for letting us fight along w/ you. All glory & honor & Praise to Jesus!! Joel & Anna

luciani lubin #82 said...

i inspire to have undefined faith like you# living free

Tyler Bachman #62 said...

your out look on life changed, how i am going to live mine. thanks so much for coming to talk to the TIU football team last night. i admire your faith in the Lord and hope that one day i have just have a fraction of the strength and faith you have.