Sunday, July 1, 2012

My igloo

A storm is swirling around me.

I don't know what the storm is bringing.  High winds?  Lightning?  Hail?  Snow?  I'm not sure.  I can't see a weather forecast, so I'm clueless.

All that I know is that the storm is going to be hellish.  Painful.  Scary.  I have to protect myself from the storm somehow.  What should I do?

There are a couple of ways that I could go about this.  I could stay outside and chance being struck down or injured.  If I stay outside and pay attention to what's going on, I will feel the storm.  I will feel the full brunt of the rain.  I will sway on my feet as the winds scream about me and threaten to knock me down.  On the other hand, I might catch a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow when the storm is done, or appreciate the way the thick clouds swirl around me, appreciating the beauty in the midst of the pain.

But that's not what I've chosen to do.

I've chosen to build an igloo to hide in.

Slowly but surely, I have gathered large ice bricks.  Clink, clink, clink.  I laid the foundation of ice carefully, ensuring that no strong breeze would knock over my igloo.  I sealed the entire igloo, so that no rain or wind can come inside.  The ice is thick.  It is cold.  It is protective.  The ice is so thick that when I sit inside of my igloo, I cannot hardly see or hear the storm.  I also cannot see those beautiful, dark clouds that display incredible power, nor can I see even the most brilliant of rainbows.  It is dark in here.  It is blank, all-encompassing darkness.

Inside my igloo, it is quiet.  It is so cold, though.  I have gone numb inside of my igloo.  Long ago I stopped shivering.  I just wait inside of my igloo with my eyes shut, ignoring the faint sounds of wind as the storm approaches.  Wait.

When will the storm end?

I have no idea.  It shows no signs of letting up.  The rain and snow and sleet are coming down in wide sheets, pelting the ice barrier around me.

But I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this igloo.

Yes, it has protected me so well.  But what am I missing outside?  How have these thick ice bricks blinded me?

What joys of the storm have passed me by while I sit inside my protective ice shell?

What joy have I missed that the Lord has gifted me, while I've numbed myself to the pain?

Lord, give me the courage to step outside.  Give me the courage to break down these walls of ice that I have so carefully constructed.  Allow me to dance in the rain while the lightning strikes around me, trusting that even in the midst of shrieking wind and punishing hail, that Your protective hand is around me.  I want to experience the joy around me, and even catch sight of that most beautiful promise, that exquisite rainbow, a promise of peace and provision.

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Daryl Vanella said...

The benefit of God's hands instead of the igloo is that in His hands you are safer (and when the moments are right) He opens His fingers to allow us to peer through to see the beauty found in the struggle. Opening His hands and whispering, "Look there! See that?" allowing us to see the beauty and lessons in the struggle and pain AND experience His protection. He is a gracious and loving God... nurturing our best even in the worst of times. We just have to give Him our trust to do so.