Sunday, July 8, 2012

On the road again...

Hey prayer warriors,

Holy cow, did those two weeks ever fly by!  Ryan and I have had an incredible time together in the interim between radiation/chemo and the first cycle of FOLFOX and Erbitux (which number cycle this is, I have no idea...I've totally lost count). We are headed to Chicago here in a little while so that we can do this cycle there.  We had planned on doing the treatment in Muskegon (near our hometown), but there was a lack of communication from Chicago to Muskegon, and then one of the drugs was rejected by the insurance company when Muskegon tried to clear the drugs through insurance.  Chicago is confident that there will be no billing issues with them, so we're on the road again...  Hopefully, this will all be cleared up two weeks from now so that we do not have to go to Chicago AGAIN and we can just go to Muskegon.

I have a long list of prayer requests to share with you:

First, I'm fearful, friends.  I know of two people currently going through FOLFOX that are doing just fine with the side effects (as a matter of fact, I recently did an all-day walking tour of Washington DC with one of them, and he held up quite well), but I am still scared of Ryan not doing well.  One of the FOLFOX drugs is Oxaliplatin, which has quite a few side effects and is a cousin to Cisplatin, the ugly drug that Ryan was on last year that caused so much nausea and numbness for him.  PLEASE pray for minimal side effects.

Second, we are mulling over, praying about, and seeking God's wisdom over three pretty major decisions that will have lasting impact on our lives.  Please pray for clarity and wisdom.  I can't share a ton right at the moment, but please just pray that God's will would be done, and that we would be guided by Him to make wise decisions.  We are very excited about all three possibilities.

Third, our sister-in-law is having a baby tomorrow, our third nephew!  Please pray for Jeremy, Megan, and baby boy Prudhomme - that they would be healthy, safe, and happy.  They live in the Dallas area.

Fourth, starting tomorrow we are making a big lifestyle change.  After having researched and been slapped across the face by some pretty compelling research and anecdotal evidence, we have been explicitly reminded by God about the importance of healing through nutrition.  This has nothing to do with our philosophy on eating animal products (Heaven knows how much we both love dairy and meat), but we are going to become essentially a "vegan/organic" family.  This is going to be really challenging for me as I am a typical Midwest young wife, and Ryan is a typical Midwest husband - I make meat and potatoes, he eats meat and potatoes.  We need to ensure that we are getting enough protein into his system and that he can maintain his weight, but we are confident that this is where He is leading.  If you run across Ryan and he seems grumpy, it could be that he is going through steak withdrawal.  Be kind. :)  Oh, and share delicious, easy vegan recipes with me if you have them!

Well, I think that covers the gamut of where we've been at.  We love you.  We continue to covet your prayer and your support and encouragement - this cancer journey is a long one, and at times is a very lonely one. We so love your comments, cards, and words of wisdom.  Thank you for walking with us!

...he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 
2 Corinthians 12:9a


Holly said...

These zucchini brownies are *delicious*. They taste like chocolate cake, but a tad more dense.

Also, a great way to get protein without having animal product is to use egg whites. They're 90% water and 10% protein. The animal product is in the yolk. This would also allow you to make yummy, protein-packed egg white and veggie omelets for breakfast.

Furthermore, you can also make flourless peanut butter cookies using egg whites (again, tons of protein).

Shirley Corder said...

You've got it right. HIS grace is sufficient for you. HIS power is made perfect in your weakness. Praying that today you will experience a ton of His grace and power! Blessings from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.