Thursday, December 29, 2011

Well, here's the story!

Ryan had an excellent checkup yesterday. He met with his oncologist after having had some bloodwork in the morning. That all looked great! Tumor markers are normal as they always have been, and liver enzymes are only slightly elevated in the same categories they were in November. What this means is that he's very stable and healthy, even after an extended break away from chemotherapy.

We count ourselves very blessed to hear this news. It was as good as we had hoped for. Now the next step is scans on January 24-25, and we are praying for excellent news. They will not be as extensive as last time, so we might not get as clear of a picture of what the cancer is doing.

Please pray for healing like no other. One of my good friends and I were talking recently and both of us had been prompted that very morning to pray for a healing that could only be attributed to God. Lord, there is no doubt who would get glory if Ryan is healed; it would be all for your fame.

I also want to thank the many people who commented on Facebook and on the blog here to encourage me. It has helped. In my husband's accurate assessment of my current problems, "It's been too much about Kendra trying to figure out how to control the situation and wriggle out of an impossible situation." He hit it right on the money. Have you noticed the blog posts have slowed down to a trickle? Yeah, that's not a coincidence. I have been a mess lately. Who wants to read something that a mess would write?

Anyway, I know perfectly well what I need to do. I need to humble myself before the Lord (again). I need to surrender the pitiful attempts to wrest control of a situation that is truly beyond anything that I can grasp hold of. I need to be still, and know that my God is ABLE. Somehow I lost sight of that for the past couple of months.

The good news is, at the end of this long struggle, I have a loving God that is waiting for me to come back.

And that is exactly what I choose to do.

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marcy :) said...

I read a devotion book with our boys called Everyday Battles by Bob Schultz.
It is about how God has put battles into to our life with the sole purpose of bringing us closer to Him and showing more of His character to us--whether it be striving to have a good attitude or fighting anxiety or a devastating illness. The Old Testament is full of battles each designed to show Israel and specific individuals who God is and to draw them to God.
Each battle belongs to the Lord. He is the one who fights it. Our job is to ask "Lord what would you have me do?" Sometimes it's carry a sword. sometimes it's a clay jar, a torch and a shout.Sometimes it's be still. In the battles I have been facing small and big I have tried to do this and He has been faithful to answer.

We do continue to pray for you and Ryan and have been encouraged by your blog and your clinging to Him. This world is in need of those who walk closely with our God and live their lives before His face. I see that in your and Ryan's life and know that is how you are raising Colton as well.
To God be the glory.