Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week four appointment times when I typed "week four", it occurred to me that time has both crawled and flown by this last month.

Without further ado, here are the times for Ryan's always, the posted times are Central time.

Monday: 2:10 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:40 am
Friday: 7:30 am

We are so excited to be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Ryan is approaching the halfway point of treatment, and I only have three short weeks left of school - then we can all be TOGETHER again! Praise God.

Emotionally, I think we are all okay. Colton seems to be adjusting and is much less clingy than he was the first weeks Ryan was gone. I'm seriously busy with school and life, and doing fine. I would probably say that it's hardest on Ryan, since he's the one away from home...but he's okay. This week will be a little less lonely because three guys from Grace Adventures are coming TO Ryan to do part of staff training at CTCA with Ryan. Excellent!

Physically, he has felt better. He looks whipped. The combination of heavy radiation and Xeloda is definitely draining...but his attitude is so good about it. Please pray for lessened side effects. During week 2, he felt good well enough to run and be active, but last week he was so physically run down that he felt like going downstairs in an elevator was daunting!

We have everything set for him to fly back and forth from Muskegon from now on, and they will be really short, easy flights. Once school is over, we will start commuting by car again since I'll be able to drive him. Speaking of when school is over, I'm interested in what we can do for some (cheap or free) fun family outings. One thing that we are looking forward to is to grab some cheap tickets for when the Tigers play at Wrigley in June. I hope that we can see Verlander or Porcello pitch AND bat! :)

I think that ends this weekly update. Thanks so much for continuing to pray for us. We are super thankful for each and every one of you that pray for and encourage us!

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