Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 5 appointment times

Ryan just texted me to let me know that he is safely at O'Hare. Praise God that he has not yet run into any major hassles while flying back and forth each week. We are so grateful.

This short week will be a busy one. I started off the work week with a sick day, because my son believes in sharing! He had a really mild bug on Sunday, and it seems to have struck Mom a little worse. Pray that Ryan will be able to avoid this bug and stay healthy. Other than that, we have work projects, wrapping up the school year, and normal, everyday things.

Ryan's fatigue continues to grow each week. I really, really hope that he can take a quick break once he's done with radiation so that he can get his feet underneath him. He is whipped, and not quite halfway through this journey.

This week, he has appointments at:
Tuesday, May 29: 1:40 PM CDT
Wednesday, May 30: 8:10 AM CDT
Thursday, May 31: 8:40 AM CDT
Friday, June 1: 7:30 AM CDT

Thanks for praying for us! We are encouraged. And while you're praying, please remember our friends the Hansens in your prayers. Collin Hansen lost his battle against cancer last Friday. He was diagnosed at the same time as Ryan (but with stomach cancer), and his death has rocked our community. Please pray especially for his wife, Courtney, son, Cole, brother, Blake and his family, and his parents, Goeff and Tami.

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