Saturday, November 24, 2012

...aaand, we're back.

Hello friends,

We are back home after a (thankfully) short trip to the ER.  Essentially, we didn't get much news, but our ER doctor and CTCA doctors think that Ryan's pain is likely a reaction to the treatment.  That's not necessarily normal, but after running tests (all which showed nothing of concern), it appears that is the most likely explanation.  Also, since his pain could possibly even be attributed as a muscle strain/spasm in a normal, healthy person, there is even a possibility that he may have tweaked his side.  Ironically, we were almost in a car accident on Wednesday just a short time after his procedure - someone cut in our lane and I had to slam on my brakes after they did the same thing right in front of me.  We slid back and forth and came extremely close to hitting them.  Ryan may have braced himself and it wasn't too long after that near-miss that he started to feel really poorly.

So, since blood work seems to be nondescript and none of the doctors seem up in arms about this pain, we are not going to be alarmed, either.  We are grateful for your prayers and covet them in the coming days as Ryan tries to relax and manage his pain through ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

We love you all.


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Anonymous said...

Know that the prayerd keep coming!