Sunday, November 25, 2012

The weekend that won't end

Well after a weekend of roller coaster like ups and downs I thought we were at least done until Monday. Silly me. This afternoon while out getting our Christmas tree, Kendra noticed that my eyes looked very yellow. Jaundice. We were getting a tree because I was feeling so well. The pain was still there but much less. Overall I had energy, alertness, and felt much better.

However the jaundice changed things again so after calling CTCA for advice we headed back to the ER tonight. My blood work came back the same or better on all areas as yesterday. There is no infection. So they did an ultrasound to see if there was anything noticeable in the bile duct, gull bladder, or liver areas. If there was that would indicate something that needed to be addressed urgently.

The ultrasound showed nothing out of the normal. So in conjunction with the Dr. at CTCA the ER Dr. discharged us still thinking it's rare but possible all of this has been due to complications from the Theraspheres. It could also be related to changes in my cancer. That would be more worrisome.

We are obviously praying this has been a long scary weekend but nothing more than that. We will consult with my regular oncologist at CTCA to see how they advice us to proceed. Again, I feel much better, my blood work was not alarming, and neither was the ultrasound. However we still haven't done a cat scan due to the radiation which would give us the most information about the tumors.

Please pray for my family. It's very difficult for them to have all these unknowns, some of them potentially very serious and nothing they can do about it. I have no idea what the next couple days look like. I will know more once I talk to my Dr. tomorrow. In the meantime we will keep taking things a day at a time.

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Thandi said...

Hope they get to the bottom of the jaundice and that it's something easily sorted with no (too)sinister cause.