Friday, May 20, 2011

Chemo? What Chemo?

Kendra and I arrived home yesterday night after a late night of chemo infusion Wednesday. We had a slow start coming home, hit some traffic and arrived home about 7 pm. I felt pretty decent all day on Thursday but that is how I felt last time as well. If the chemo went according to plan, then Friday should have been a bear of a day.

I woke up this morning so hopeful I would feel well. Grace Adventures' annual Golf Marathon was today. This is the first time I had decided to be a participant in helping to raise money for summer, to help impact children with Jesus Christ. I made that decision before cancer. Then when my chemo schedule lined out so that my worst treatment would be 2 days before hand, I figured there was no way I could golf today.

I raised money for the event nonetheless, and had a backup golfer fill my spot (thanks Mom). So I woke up this morning at 7 feeling pretty good. My wife made me go back to bed, but at 7:30 I couldn't sleep any more. So I begged, negotiated, whined, and manipulated, and finally got my wife to agree to drive me 1 hour to the golf event. (Kendra's edit: I never win these arguments.  It was either take him for a drive and carefully monitor his exertions, or else I would hear about it alllll day long.)

I didn't golf 100 holes like a lot of people did. I didn't even golf a full 9 I don't think. But I golfed a couple. I got outside and was able to be a part of the event. I felt pretty good most of the day. The drive home was rough, but I had a quick cat nap and now I'm better. My appetite is very weak and nausea comes and goes. Please pray I could start eating.

I'm so thankful that God blesses us with little things. I don't know if it mattered to Him that I made it to the Golf Marathon, but it mattered to me. It was a huge blessing and I'm very thankful. I can't wait for what tomorrow's little blessing may be.

P.S. If you're interested in making a donation towards the Golf Marathon, it's not too late!  Email me at


Stacy said...

Wow Ryan, that is so awesome!
Praising God for the blessings, and continuing to pray for you too~ the Vander Zwaag family

Anonymous said...

I think it mattered to Him....

Your family is prayed for often; daliy by the Edwards' and the OCS 5th graders.

Love, Karrie

Anonymous said...

Your perseverence and character are evidence of a man living his life w/the manners and matters of God's heart <3 Not a day goes by that I don't pray for you Ryan Prudhomme.

Anonymous said...

I walked 15 miles for you guys today:D <3