Monday, May 2, 2011

Work, work, feels GOOD.

Hello praying family, today has been a pretty good day, even though the nausea/queasiness/vomiting finally caught up with Ryan.  Twice today he had sudden, overwhelming nausea and "lost it", so to speak.  A lingering feeling of queasiness, which he characterized as "almost like carsickness", has persisted today.  We still feel overwhelmingly blessed by how mild the nausea has been, given the way that our oncologist had talked it up.  We were both sure that it would be much, much worse than it has been.

Both of us were able to spend some time at our jobs today - Ryan had some meetings, did some emailing, and also caught up on some paperwork and whatnot.  I had a field trip with my Spanish students to a concert and also a Mexican restaurant...I had a really good day, but I am exhausted.

Please pray tonight, if you read this before you go to bed, that Ryan would be able to get some good sleep tonight. He has been suffering from some insomnia the last two nights and it's very frustrating for him.  Also pray for him to be protected from germs around us... Colton's daycare and my school are both easy ways for us to pick up viruses and bring them home.  His immune system is going to be very weak and we want to make sure that he is safe.

That's all for brain is not functioning at a high level.  Good night and God bless!


Lee said...

Praying for rest for both of you. Glad you are returning to something "normal."

Pam said...

Praying for a restful night. Take care. :)