Monday, September 5, 2011

A Labor day weekend to remember

I have had a great weekend, a great weekend. We went to the high school football game on Thursday night. Friday night Kendra and Colton and I had a great night at home.

 Then Saturday we took Colton to a local farm market that has a huge petting/kids area. Colton got to see a camel, goats, wallaby's, zebras, donkeys, peacocks, and more. 

We wandered around and watched Colton laugh and giggle and explore all these new sights and sounds. Saturday night we went to the local rodeo. It was a ton of fun to take Colton again. He sat on our laps transfixed with the bull riders, clowns, and other performers. 

Sunday we went to Community Worship at Grace Adventures where Shaun Groves was the speaker/worship leader. Shaun spoke about how much we live with "extra" in our lives. He then encouraged us to consider using some of that "extra" to sponsor a child around the world and change their life. Kendra and I decided we wanted to sponsor a child and now have an 11 year old boy in Africa that we're excited to get to know. After that Kendra and Colton and I spent the evening with dear friends burning the midnight oil. 

This is exactly what a Labor Day weekend with your family should feel like.

I have had a great weekend, and I have big plans for today (Monday) as well. However it has been very difficult. I have had so much joy and peace spending the weekend with my family and friends doing some very fun things. I also can't help but have thoughts go through my mind like, "Am I going to be able to do this again next Labor day? How many more rodeos will I get to take Colton to? How many more football seasons are Kendra and I going to go to? How much more time do I have?"

I have had these questions pop into my head ever since a doctor at Mayo told me I have 1 year left to live. Since then I've had medical professionals tell me that was an irresponsible thing for a doctor to do. Maybe the populations average a year, but statistics apply to populations not individuals. Everybody responds differently to their cancer and treatment. Finally those types of time frames become self fulfilling prophecy's. I have chosen not to dwell or really even give validity to those thoughts. I know that the amount of time I have left is directly determined by how much time God gives me. 

Kendra and I chose to live our lives in a way that stays positive, dreams, and lives for the future. We said we won't go through this next year like everything is the "last time". In order to do that, I have to take those thoughts captive. They come in just like temptations do and I have to choose not to let those thoughts fester and grow. 

However I also am aware that the reality of my situation is such, that I may not be around this time next year.  That's a difficult thing to know, and not be ruled by. So I also am going to take advantage of all the opportunities that God is giving me, including enjoying the moments of life. Spending moments with those you love is a huge part of "living in high definition". 

We're not going to be ruled by fear of the future, but we're also going to take advantage of the time we have.  

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