Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The trail changes course

Have you ever ridden an unknown trail? I have many times. It looks like things are headed in one direction then it can commonly change direction and you're off in a new heading. That is what happened today.

I have had two symptoms in the last cycle that have either cropped up or gradually gotten worse. I started having ringing in my ears, and the numbing and pins and needles in my hands and feet is gradually getting more noticeable. The neuropathy (numbing and pins and needles) is less significant but annoying. There shouldn't be long term effects from it. However the ringing in my ears could progress to hearing loss. That would be irreversible. My doctor's were concerned about that, and so we adjusted our treatment cycle. I am swapping out the harsh drug I took for a very very similar drug that should not affect my hearing and neuropathy like the old drugs.

With change comes apprehension. I would be lying if I said I'm not a little nervous. However I do trust my doctors. They all told me the efficacy of the new drug should be the same as the old drug. If the scans show differently after a couple cycles we will re-evaluate. I'd rather be deaf and alive, than have my hearing but not need it.

Otherwise my check up was unremarkable medically and very routine. My blood work was all good and there was nothing of note. I had a wonderful conversation with one of my nurses that started with teaching and the climate of funding cuts in Michigan and quickly progressed to children who are less fortunate. She shared how she would love to be a missionary doctor over seas. Then we talked about how God has a plan, even though as she see so many patients in so many conditions it can be hard not to ask "why?". She has been an incredible nurse for us, and truly has built a relationship with us. She said that I blessed her, but as usual I walked away blessed as well.

Please pray for my side effects. Nothing right now is interrupting my day to day activities. However specifically pray for the ringing and hearing issues, the neuropathy, I have very slight intermittent abdominal pain, and the chemo brain for a while after treatment.

Things at work are very exciting and very busy right now. I have many major projects coming to a head. Grace Adventures has supported me in so many overwhelming ways and continues to do so. I'm so thankful to work for an organization that loves its' employees as Christ would. However I want to give my best to Grace and to God. Please pray that projects would go smoothly, retreats and events would fill, and that God would bless the marketing department at Grace Adventures. Through my weakness He is stronger.

Finally please pray that God would continue to open doors for Kendra and I to share our story and how God is at work with more people. It's my desire to use this journey to encourage and inspire those around me to deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether it is with individuals or with larger groups, we just want more people to be able to see God in the way that we have learned to see Him in the last couple months.


Lee said...

Praying, ever praying beside you guys.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Kendra, and Colton,
My third graders and I are praying for you on a daily basis. We love you and are praying for Ryan's healing. <3
~Lauren Hallack

Denise Conroy said...

Dear Kendra, Ryan and Colton - Words can even describe what I am feeling as I read through your blog and try to understand all that you have been through these past several months. I only discovered about Ryan's condition yesterday while on facebook. I was in total shock. I wish I could have been at your rodeo! You are an inspiration to so many. Our kids, Andy & Tracy came to Grace for many years and found it life changing! Many parents owe the staff of Grace Adventures so much for the love, dedication and passion you put into our kids to learn, know and trust God. I believe in MIRACLES and I am praying with all my heart that God would show his Glory through your family and heal Ryan!!! We are all lifting you up in prayer and will be looking to the future with great expectancy. Love to all of you and those at Grace, The Conroy Family - Tom Denise, Andy and Tracy.

Renee said...

You are in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys every day.
Sophie Bailey