Monday, February 6, 2012

I am a blessed girl.

I would just like to say that I'm incredibly proud of my husband and what God is doing through him.

Some people would take a cancer diagnosis and crumple under the pressure of treatment and facing the likelihood of a much shorter life than they originally thought.  They would lament, cry, and utterly fail at finishing the race well.

Some people choose to live their lives selfishly, thinking only of what THEY want to do - what is easiest for them, how to get a nice house, designer clothes, to give their kids every comfort imaginable, or how they are going to best achieve their self-centered life goals.  They think very little what God is prompting them to do or what they KNOW He commands of them.

I am married to someone who is submitted to the will of God, who is incredibly strong, determined, and unshakeable.  Every day I see him get further into this battle with cancer, I fall deeper in love with him because he doesn't bat an eyelash at following God no matter how painful the journey gets.

Some people are married to someone beautiful, funny, or sexy.  My husband is all of those things, and also completely worthy of respect.  You cannot fake dignity, class, character, and an obedient heart.

I am so in love and consider myself to be the most blessed girl to be married to Ryan, no matter if we are married for six years or sixty (pray for eighty).  I'd rather have a shortened marriage that was based on mutual respect and love than to be married for a lifetime to someone whose character is anything less than Ryan's.

I'm so proud of you and thank God for you every day!

Okay, you can stop puking now.  I'm done being sappy!


Cindy said...

It was such a joy to hear your faith journey yesterday and also to see the dynamic between you and Ryan :-) You should do talks with the both of you more often.

I also wanted to let you know that I am always available to talk to or vent, whichever. My schedule is very open so I can drive whereever, whenever. And that You can ask me ANYTHING, there is NOTHING off limits to you. I avoid some topics b/c I am not sure if you want to speak of them. You may already know that but I just wanted to be doubly sure that I know, you know that :-)
In Christ's Love

Amanda Sorrelle said...

Sheesh, that one had me in tears! He is equally blessed to have you!!!!!
You both are blessed in so many ways.

Barbara Lockwood {Mimi] said...

This was so beautiful to read Kendra. You and Ryan are indeed blessed to have each other. You are both such special people. And you are helping so many of us by sharing your thoughts and your lives with us.....Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Ryan sure could not ask for a more beautiful Valentine that this wonderful and touching love letter.....