Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playing Dodgeball for God

Speaking at Bridge Bible Church North
It's been a busy four days for Kendra and I. I've spoken at four different venues in four days, drove an hour and a half to watch my cousin play basketball, trained my horses with friends, went to a Super Bowl party and started a new chemo cycle this morning. It's been busy but it's been great!

Tonight I spoke at New Era Reformed Church to their junior high youth group. This was a great group of extremely well-behaved junior highers. I've been sharing the same message for the most part that I shared at the Relay for Life and you can watch that here.

Tonight though I was surprised to meet an extremely special and beautiful young lady. Nikki can relate to where Kendra and I have been living as she has battled cancer and other difficulties in the last year. This young lady was a joy and sought me out to pray for me (please pray for her and her journey). What a blessing to get to know her and see her smile and joy for life. She hasn't been around kids much lately and this was one of the first times she's been back around other people. She was excited!

At the end the group played dodgeball. Nikki was asked if she wanted to sit on the stage and watch and she said she was playing! So then I asked if I could be her partner. Together we tore it up on the gym floor and Nikki did a great job. 

It was such a blessing and encouragement to meet this young lady. This was my High Definition moment today. We've been blessed to be getting stories and e-mails back from students and families about how God is working on their life through our story. What a blessing to be used by God and be allowed to see some of the fruit from the seed planting. 

We were too fast for the camera!
Sometimes God calls us to do something dramatic and "big" as we're being obedient and living in High Def, other times it can be something simple but just as profound and important. I love that I can play dodgeball for God with a new friend!

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Barbara Lockwood said...

What wonderful pictures of you and Nikki together Ryan. How great that you could be there for her ! She will always remember you and the part you played in her life - and so will her family. God Bless you......