Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer requests

Hello everyone, it's been a while since we've articulated what prayer needs we have.  I have no doubt that many of you have been lifting us up.  But here's what needs prayer specifically:

1.) We're about to start the treatment cycle over again.  As we all know, the last treatment did not go well for Ryan.  We really covet your prayers that we will have wisdom on the best medications to give him to alleviate his symptoms, and that those symptoms would be much lessened from the last time, if not totally eradicated.

2.) August 10th is an important day that is coming up in only six weeks....Ryan's next scans.  Please pray that those scans would show that his treatment is shrinking the cancer...for another good appointment.

3.) Pray for our story to impact people positively around us.  We don't covet the spotlight, but we do pray for lives to be changed because of this.

4.) Pray for traveling mercies as we go to Chicago.

5.) Our sweet baby boy will be staying with friends while we are gone.  Pray that he will quickly adjust to his surroundings and be content.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers coming your way.You are both have such a postive impact on our family.When my sister is having a bad day we watch the video of Ryan.He has become her hero.He is giving her the strength and the inspiration to fight this cancer.Thank you so very much for these updates.Especially when you feel all alone fight this cancer.God sent her that positive sign when he connected us together through your web page.