Saturday, June 11, 2011

Please pray.

Ryan is having a wicked time of it with this treatment.  Today has been very hard for him.  Please pray for diminished side effects.  They have been terrible.

In unrelated but more positive news, I'm pretty sure that Colton said his first word today (well other than "mama" and "dada").  He pointed at Tuff and very clearly said "dawwwg".  I wanted to respond "What's up G?"

But I didn't.  No worries.

Gotta go, sick hubs again.


Kathie said...

Praying for you both, Ryan and Kendra, as you go through this rough treatment time together. May the Lord hold you both close to Himself and ease these side effects for Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for Ryan and your family.

Anonymous said...

Ryan I too have this cancer. It is 99% prayers and 1% attitude! I know without our Lord I would not be here right now! I was told 3-6 months and that was almost 2 years ago. This Septenmebr it will be 2 years. I feel wonderful and not ill at all. I have had the Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN and Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne help take me through this journey. Thousands of prayers, around the world! I woudl love to keep in touch with you. So what I will do is give you my "ad" mail, and then I'll send you my "real" email, provided that you do not sell the address. I am really weird about people getting my persoanl email, but I really woudfl love to talk to you persoanlly. You have to know I am 54, have 3 grown children, 9 Grandchildren, and a wonderful Husband. I love life, and I want to stay here asap! I have Stage 4 w/mets in liver. Originally my liver had 5 tumors, 4 med, and 1 large 1 the size of a big orange. Now, with the Lord's help I have 1 small on the size of a jelly bean left to take care of. I have faith that God will lead me through this no matter what. There is ALWAYS hope! No matter what!