Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The tiniest odds.

Odds of contracting primary sclerosing cholangitis: 1.3 per 100,000 people

Odds of developing cholangiocarcinoma: 1-2 per 100,000 people

Odds that Mayo Clinic gave Ryan to beat cancer: 0%

Odds of surviving Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace: 0%

Odds of 2 million Israelites successfully escaping Egypt via Red Sea: 0%

Odds of scrawny adolescent killing giant Philistine warrior: slim to none

Odds of human surviving captivity in a den of lions: 0%

Odds of man crucified on Roman cross resurrecting 2 days later: 0%

Ya know, I'm beginning to like gambling at God's table.  His dice are hot.


Corinna said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

Kendra this is good stuff. You are an inspiration to and old married couple like Tony and Michelle Pomales.

Deb said...

A very humble reminder of our powerful, sovereign God .... oh, how He loves you ....

Marita said...

You are a blessing and an inspiration. Even though the road is so rough...
"...The simple truth is that if you had a mere kernel of faith, a poppy seed, say, you would tell this mountain, 'Move!' and it would move. There is nothing you wouldn't be able to tackle." - Matthew 17:20 -- with God, even THIS extraordinary healing is possible. We're praying! - Marita DeJong

Anonymous said...

Just keep Ryan's name on every prayer list, there is HOPE!!!!!!! I am proof of the power of prayers!
Lots of prayers-Cathy