Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Please pray for me today

Last night was the tale of two evenings. From supper until midnight I got the first sign of relief from this treatment. I felt alert, not nauseous, and ate really well. Kendra and I enjoyed our evening together. Then as I went to go to bed an atomic bomb hit me. I'm not sure what happened, but I pretty quickly slid into extreme nausea, insomnia, stomach pain, and vomiting. I did not sleep at all last night and have only had brief interludes of feeling okay after I get sick.

I'm supposed to get treatment today and right now literally every time I move a couple of inches, I get sick. I have an hour drive a head of me to get to the treatment center. Please pray that this would pass quickly. Pray that we would travel to the center without incident. Please pray for Kendra and her peace of mind. It is so difficult for her to watch this.

My attitude is pretty decent. I was frustrated after I felt so well last night and then regressed. I'm anxious about how long this will last. Also I have not been able to keep anything down and I don't want to lose weight.

Please pray for us this morning and today. Thank you.


Katie Fassl said...

I'm praying, praying, and then praying some more, for you and Kendra!

Kevin Grifhorst said...

Praying for you today!

Kathie said...

Praying, Ryan and Kendra, for relief from all these nasty side effects today. Claiming Psalm 91 for you today.

Penny said...

Dear ones,
Stopping now to pray again for you. Asking God for relief, peace and His miraculous intervention. I wish we could make this all go away.

Jill White said...

Ryan, ever since our phone call weeks ago you and Kendra have been in my prayers. We know this disease first hand and know the struggles. The ups and downs from one minute to the next is so grueling. Just know that you have many praying for you and God hears each of them. I would read Psalms 103:1-5 when times were tough with my husband. In those verses is says for us to not forget God's benefits, that God will heal your diseases, crown you with love and compassion, he will satisfy your desires with good things, and will renew your youth like the eagles. God bless you.