Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Update

Hey friends, I wanted to update you on some things real quick.

I have been having a tougher cycle this time around. Nothing major, or severe, but things seemed to be taking longer to shake off. Foggier, tired, and over all out of it. I didn't think much of it and wrote it off as just not feeling well.

Today I went to Muskegon for my second treatment of my cycle. Come to find out a lot of my blood counts were low. Too low to do treatment. This was pretty frustrating. It's not major. It is part of the process. It's really a praise to God that I haven't had to deal with my counts yet. To have gone for over 8 months without interruption is remarkable.

I will probably just skip this treatment and pick right back up again in a couple weeks. However I hate that we have to adjust anything. Please pray that my body can bounce back quickly and that this will not be a set back for us or a pattern.

Once again I have to choose my attitude. I am consciously choosing to be grateful that we haven't had to deal with the counts for so long. I'm also so grateful that I can rest in a comfortable home with my family while I recover. There are many people with so much less than I have.

We covet your prayers continually. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get better really soon
I am one of mrs.prudhommes students and just wanted to let you know she talks about you alot in class!!!! And we all hope you are better!!!!!