Thursday, April 5, 2012

Speaking at Ada Bible's Union Service

Kendra and I had the incredible opportunity to speak to the young adult group called "Union" at Ada Bible Church a while ago. What a blessing it was to encourage a group of folks that were in a very similar stage of life as Kendra and I when we were diagnosed. We felt so blessed and overwhelmed by the support and community of this group and church! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

Please continue to pray for Kendra and I. God is opening more and more opportunities for us to share our story. I'm speaking 5-10 times a month right now and Kendra is able to join me for a couple of those a month! It is such a blessing to be able to share this with Kendra and see God using her in such a powerful way.

If you're interested in having us come to your church or group let us know. We'd love to come share what God is doing in our lives and teaching us about obedience and living in high definition.

Below is a link to our message at Ada Bible

Union | March 13,2012 - Ada Bible Church Media

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