Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another short update

Hello everyone, posted below is Ryan's radiation treatment schedule. Please remember that those times are Central. We are grateful for your prayer! Dr. Eden was pleased today to hear of how you all have been lifting him up. The first treatment was uneventful.

Ryan gave me the ok to give a few more details on here about his GI struggles. Since being hospitalized, Ryan has been struggling with constipation. It's pretty severe at this point. Our doctors are working diligently to resolve this, but in the meantime it is the source of much frustration on our part, and lots of pain for Ryan. Please pray for his digestive tract to restart. We are worried.

Other than that, there is not any major news for tonight! Well, wait, there is some HUGE news. Colton has been almost accident-free for a week - daytime AND nighttime. I guess with our child, the opposite logic of most normal potty training is true: completely remove him from his comfort zone, place unending streams of new people in his life, and remove almost all structure. Hmm.

Have a great evening!


Thandi said...

Hurray for potty training! Boo for the poo! As if Ryan doesn't have enough to deal with.The constipation aspect is the only aspect I can say I understand, dealing with IBS with constipation. I hope things move along (and out) quickly and that there's no sinister reason for the delay.

Gary and Linda Beggs said...

Thanks for the schedule. We can put it on our phone calendar with reminders to pray during our busy days. Your church family loves you!!!