Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This weekend has been great so far! We have been jam packing it with activities, which helps tremendously in getting our minds off of cancer... that is such a good thing.

Yesterday we went to two malls, not just one. Once we shopped all of Gurnee Mills, we headed for the Wisconsin border and shopped at Pleasant Prairie, kind of like Birch Run but half the size. They are run by the same company, so PP was very similar. Quote of the day from Ryan: "I think you need to buy more shoes."  Uh, okay!  Done!

This morning we went to Gurnee Community Church and enjoyed great worship. I missed our home church this morning so much... felt very homesick. After church, we headed downtown to the Field Museum. We looked at the Horse and Ancient Egypt exhibits and finally Colton had ENOUGH. He never napped yesterday on our grand shopping excursion, so needless to say, he was done at three thirty today. He is sacked out in his car seat next to me as I type this on my phone. :)

Tomorrow we will resume the appointments. We anticipate that we will have the BIG meeting on Tuesday, and chemotherapy will probably be on Wednesday.  We won't be home until late this week.

Please start to pray for Ryan's body and his tolerance of the chemo. It will be difficult, no doubt. Please pray for lessened side effects, and please pray for the caretakers too. I am getting nervous - I DO NOT want to watch him go through this. But this is what we need to do.

I'm attaching some pictures of us on Easter Sunday, including one of the effects of two busy days on our son. Happy Easter everyone... He is risen, indeed!


Ellen Weinecke said...

Glad you had some fun activities this weekend. The next time you are in the Pleasant P area, that is where the Jelly Belly factory is... complete with a nice big store. When I used to visit our store in PP, I had to stop there.


jmpetzold2 said...

I am so thankful that you both gathered the grace to have a wonderful Easter and your minds were off the trials in life right now. It sounds like it was very busy and you made a lot of memories.
I will continue to pray for Ryan's tolerance of the treatments ahead. I know that it must be VERY scary for you both. But Kendra, trust that God will give you the provisions and strength you need to help Ryan through all of this. You will be strong through Christ.
My love to you both
Melissa Petzold

Delynn said...

So glad you guys had a great weekend! Praying for you as u r getting ready for the next phase. Kendra God will give you all the tools you need to be a great caretaker! Heck youre already a mom lol.