Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick chemotherapy update

Ryan is still receiving his chemotherapy drugs right now. He's already had one drug, now he is working on the second one. So far he feels nothing. He's been pumped full of fluids and anti-nausea meds, and we're going to keep him full of those same things once we get back to the hotel tonight.

We are hoping to leave tomorrow morning for home, provided that Ryan is doing okay. Our oncologist suggested that we try to "outrun" the nausea, which will likely hit worst about 24 hours after Ryan receives the treatment.

A week from today, Ryan will receive one of the two drugs again - thankfully it will be the kinder, gentler drug of the two. We're not sure yet if we will be getting this near home or in Zion again. We are going to try to get in with a local oncologist, but the timeframe is kind of tight. It may not happen, but it really doesn't matter to us where he gets treatment. Then the third week, he will not receive any chemotherapy. Then the whole cycle repeats itself.

We are feeling your prayers, loved ones, friends, acquaintances, strangers. We can feel your support in a palpable way. The Lord is definitely sustaining us - He is good all the time.

Psalm 121:

1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

3 He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

5 The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.

7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.


Sarah said...

I didn't know you were in Zion, the name caught me off guard! I guess if you had to be anywhere, Zion would be a great place to be! :) We're always praying for the two of you. Be safe on your way home.

~ The Van Baales

Lee said...

Always before the Throne.
Asking again for Him to bear you up and make Ryan strong.
You are so loved.

Karly said...

Praying that everything goes so much better than can/could/would be expected!

Stacy said...

Each kid has Ryan Prudhomme in every prayer they pray, even Anaya can now say his name correctly! We are all praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both daily, and I am sending hope and warmth your way. You are both so strong and will get through this. Thank you for keeping us all updated.
Love, Amber

Lori said...

We are all praying for you and appreciate your comments on faith... So important for all of us to reflect on. Thanks for all your sharing.