Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update 4/13/11

Hi guys, Ryan wrote this last night and I’m sending it out this morning.  I’m adding a mother’s postscript to it too: would you please pray for our son Colton?  He is having a very hard time adjusting to being in new places, seeing new faces, a different bed, a different routine…he had a rough day on Tuesday.  Please pray for him to quickly adjust and that we as parents can still meet his needs that don’t get pushed aside just because we are at Mayo Clinic. Also, his first birthday is on Thursday the 14th, so please pray that we as a family will be able to celebrate him fully.

(Written Tuesday night)

I am sitting in the house of a new set of friends that I’ve never met before. A generous couple from Rochester has opened their house to us to stay in indefinitely. What a blessing to be in the company of wonderful Christian people who are so gracious. This has been such a burden lifted off of us.  We aren’t sure how long we’ll be here at Mayo, but it looks like this could be a permanent place through at least next week.

We left Chicago this morning at 6:00 a.m., stopped at University of Chicago Hospital to get my medical records, and proceeded to Mayo Clinic (we arrived around 1:30 CST). I got blood work done today, and a CT scan is scheduled for first thing Wednesday morning.  After that we will begin the process of being “checkers”, which basically means people that show up with out an appointment who have to wait to see a doctor. We will meet first with an oncologist and go from there.

We have had some specific prayer requests of late. 1. That the appointments would be expedited, 2. that we would have peace and grace for what is in store for us, 3. and that the cancer is operable and there would be treatment options. This last request is of utmost importance – please, please pray for this one.

Answered prayers: the appointments have been moved up; we have had Grace and peace today. We are waiting to learn my medical status, but we praise God for answering prayer in a huge way. The school situation for Kendra (e.g. getting time off) seems to have worked itself out in an amazing way. Again she is so humbled by the people and district she works with. That was another answered prayer.

We are anxious for what the future holds but we are so excited about who God is transforming us into. I’m learning so much about who God is and how He operates. He is so good, and I’m at peace because “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28.

Please pray that the CT scan would come back quickly tomorrow, that we could get into see a doctor quickly after that. Please pray that we would meet a doctor who is compassionate, progressive, aggressive, and optimistic. Please pray that my condition is operable and treatable. Please pray that we would have opportunities to share our faith and hope with those around us. Pray that we would have the grace and peace for whatever the future holds.

Again we can hardly count all the answered prayer requests that God is blessing us with. We have prayed for things for years and years that are now coming into reality in days. Every day is more challenging and more rewarding. To God be the glory.

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