Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update 4/11/11

Today has been an indescribable day. We had a up and down weekend but are so grateful for friends that have been surrounding us with support. I had made calls on Friday afternoon to a couple hospitals to begin lining up treatment. Everything was coming back 1-3 weeks to set up an appointment. We were not okay with that time frame. So I began calling and calling and calling all the doctors all morning and afternoon. Long story short we are on our way to Mayo Clinic as I type. This is an overwhelming answer to prayer. The told us if we showed up we can get in within 48 hours. Please pray that we would get into see the doctor as soon as possible. Pray that we would see the correct doctors and that treatment would begin and be lined up quickly.

We have had arrangements made for us for tonight, as well as for the first couple nights in Minnesota. This has been so gracious and overwhelming…a huge answer to prayer.

There are a few complications with Kendra and her work. The district has been tremendously trying to support us and encourage us and has done a wonderful job of doing so. Please pray that Kendra would have options and arrangements made so that she could take the time off that is needed. We have felt so blessed by her coworkers and supervisors and they couldn’t be more helpful and gracious.

Please continue to lift our families in your prayers. It is tough for all involved. Pray for grace and peace through out this. We continue to be overwhelmed by God’s glory. We are seeing it more clearly than ever and the world we live in is just starting to come into color. It’s incredible.

Finally please continue to pray that the cancer is treatable. It is extremely important that it is operable. We pray for a healing whether medically or miraculously. We know God is sovereign and we are leaning on his promises every hour. I feel as though God has prepared me for this my entire life. I’m so excited about the person he is transforming me into, the person he is transforming my wife into, and the couple that Kendra and I are becoming.

We can see God’s hand at work all over the place. It’s an unbelievable story and we have a front row seat.

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