Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update 4/14/11

Dearest Friends, Family, and Prayer Partners,

This is being written on the road home from Mayo. We were able to get in to see an oncologist this afternoon – first the appointment was moved up to 3:30, and then to 1:30. We were told that if we were nearby to come NOW, so we did. When we met with the oncologist, he did a physical exam and asked us some general health history questions. Afterwards, he sat down and showed us the results of the CT scan. He did not have good news for us.

The cancer has spread locally outside of Ryan’s liver, making treatment options very limited.  Removing the tumors is not an option, a transplant is not an option, and at this point, this doctor feels that chemotherapy is a treatment, but not a cure.  He staged this cancer as Stage 4 advanced cholangiocarcinoma.  We are STILL waiting to see what Mayo’s interpretation of the biopsy results is, as the cancer cells are not entirely consistent with cholangiocarcinoma.

We have already scheduled an appointment on April 21st at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  We don’t expect to get a different diagnosis, but we know that their approach will be more holistic, which we are open to.  Chemotherapy will still likely be the regimen of choice along with other things.

Our hearts are breaking right now as it feels like doors continually get slammed in our faces. But we do cling to the fact that our God is a God of miracles, and we will continue to place our faith and trust in the same God that we did two weeks ago before this happened.  He loves us endlessly, and his plans are mysterious but we know that he works all things out for the good of those who love him.

Please continue to pray for grace and peace, for miracles, and for our family.  Our parents and brothers are taking this hard, and undoubtedly this will come as a blow to many people that care about us.  We want to encourage you to not lose hope, to not be bitter, and above all – please continue to lift us up before the Lord.


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