Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quiet before the storm

Well I don't remember much about today. I was under anesthetic for a good portion of it. Two different procedures, but both went well. I am feeling the effects of having my port put in. This is an implant below my left collar bone. It is about the size a milk cap, maybe a little thicker. It will be there indefinitely and will be where the Chemo is administered.

The doctor said it did not appear to be any cancer in the colon. This was to be expected. He took a couple biopsies just to confirm and we should get those results tomorrow. However we are all moving forward finally that it is for sure cholangiocarcinoma. Therefore I will begin chemo tomorrow. I'm taking two drugs this week. One will be very difficult. High degrees of nausea and vomiting and it is worst for younger patients, go figure. I would rather be in pain than nauseous. It is probably my least favorite feeling. Please pray that the effects are limited.

Otherwise I am in high spirits. I'm glad we are finally able to begin doing something. This feels like an action step and I'm glad about that. We will now shift our prayers to God using the chemo to eliminate the cancer.

Please pray for my family tomorrow. Kendra is a kind and compassionate person. The amount of empathy in her soul astounds me. I am jealous of it. However she will almost literally go through this with me as she feels so keenly when I'm in pain or discomfort. Also I cannot imagine having to watch my son go through this. It will be difficult for my mother to see it as well. We all know this is an answer to prayer, but it will be tough for them to watch.

My motto for tomorrow will be, "my Grace is sufficient for you".


Kelly said...

Your insight is incredible. My heart goes out to you for the discomfort you will go through... but def. worth the effort for a positive outcome. Once we all have a child, we realize what our parents go through and my heart goes out to Steve and Cathey and your sweet wife as I am sure they would carry your burden in a heartbeat if at all possible. You all have incredible strength and faith...this will get you through. Hope and peace to all of you! I pray for God's grace every day for all. Kelly and Steve Fick

Kathie said...

We are praying for you all, Ryan, as you begin this treatment tomorrow. May the joy of the Lord and His strength not just "get you through" this time of chemo, but help you to see His goodness and faithfulness in even more tangible ways than ever before.
Our love to your mom and dad as well,
Gene and Kathie