Saturday, April 30, 2011

Almost out of the woods...

Tonight will mark the 72-hour period of when Ryan got his first dose of chemo. All of our doctors told us to expect the worst between 48-72 hours. So far, so good. Ryan is definitely still VERY tired today, but maybe backing off on the one anti-nausea med that they gave us to help him sleep will make it so that he isn't sleeping constantly... haha. Kendra Prudhomme, RN, I am not.

Things Kendra is good at:

  • Learning useless information on Wikipedia
  • Finding information instantly on Google
  • Speaking Spanish
  • Getting cars stuck in snow or mud
  • Doing dishes by hand
Things Kendra is not good at:
  • Cleaning (reference my post from 4/28)
  • Packing for a trip (reference my post from 4/20)
  • Laundry
  • Being a nurse
  • Loading the dishwasher


Lee said...

YOU are a wonderful caretaker. I've seen you and I could not be more proud of the wife/mother/Christfollower you are.

I praise Him for you both. And for the Lord's mercy in the time. He is good.

Anonymous said...

Ryan continue to stay strong my friend! You are a very strong man, and have tons of support. God bless u and your family!!!

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud! I can hear you speaking these words :)

You are doing great by the way. An inspiration really.


Anonymous said...

You're an inspiration to us all Ryan and Kendra,
and we'll continue to pray for strength, protection and healing for you and your family.