Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update 4/4/11

Friends and Family,

Our God reigns. He reigns in sickness and in health. The results came much quicker than expected. There was a doctor in the room that was able to look at the tissue samples. They do appear to be consistent with cancer. There are some unknowns. They were a little abnormal for cholangiocarcinoma so they are not sure what cancer it may be (although it is most likely cholangiocarcinoma). They will send the samples in for tests and we will know what it is for sure. It also appears to have already spread to a lymph node. There aren't sure how extensively it has spread to the lymph system. Until they can give us more answers, we can not make many decisions.

Kendra and I are continually overwhelmed by the support of friends and family and it has really helped us get through this tough day of waiting. This will continue to be a huge need for us in the future. Please lift up our families in your prayers as well. Many great things can come out of this and we are trying to be obedient. I was able to have three really cool conversations with the doctor and two nurses after the procedure as I shared why I'm not concerned. That my God is in control, and I DO trust Him.

Emotionally, we are doing okay - but up and down. We will send out more information when we know it, which will probably not be until later on this week. We have felt God's presence in the last three days and cannot say thank you enough for your support.

Psalm 71

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