Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steak and Chocolate Cake in High Def!

I've had a lot on my mind since this weekend. I think it's just starting to sink in that we got positive news. Every time you come up to a junction lately things have gone poorly, so to get better-than-expected news just totally surprised us.

I think the biggest emotion I felt Tuesday after we were told about the news was relief. I was so worked up afraid of bad news, that when it was positive I just exhaled and smiled (all of this negative emotion is just proof that despite what many of you think, I am human still). 

As we headed home I knew we needed to celebrate. We have so much to celebrate in our lives, but in my cancer battle we haven't had a ton of good news days since we began. So to get great news meant it was time to do something special. 

If you know the Prudhommes you know our love language is food. I wanted a steak, so we tried to look up a steak house but there was no luck. The baby was getting fussy and so was Colton. So we pulled into Cracker Barrel, a Prudhomme favorite. 

A little bit of history about Ryan. I love country fried steak. I love it most from Cracker Barrel. I once ate it three times in one day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as we drove across country on vacation. So when I walked in and saw the special was Country Fried Steak, it was an omen, a message from God, a clear sign that God is real and present. 

However Kendra didn't receive the same divination. As my secretary, boss, dietitian, caretaker, and pretty much general keep me out of trouble person, she was slightly concerned about the health implications of my dinner of desire. So after much arguing I landed on the rib eye steak. I've never had a rib eye from Cracker Barrel and didn't know what to expect.

Wow, just wow. I love steak. I love steak. The chef nailed it!

Then through conversation I mentioned to the waitress that we had gotten good news that day. A few minutes later she came out w/ a "death by chocolate" triple chocolate brownie with vanilla bean ice cream dessert "on the house". I thought the death by chocolate was kind of funny. But then again my sense of humor is getting a little morbid lately. Like when Kendra told me not to reheat my leftovers in the microwave inside Styrofoam... what are you afraid I'm going to get cancer? 

The cake was incredible. Kendra and I shared it, and yes it completely destroyed her concerns about the fried steak not being healthy, but it was amazing. 

As I've thought about it, maybe the steak and cake were extra special, or maybe everything seemed a little bit better that night? Why does it take something very large for me to celebrate and thank God for who He is, not what He's done (although that deserves praise as well)?

What big or small things have happened in your life that you need to celebrate? Today for me it was being able to work a 1/2 day on my second day after treatment. I was so thankful for that little blessing. 

Sooooo. Let's Ceeeelebrate Good times come on!

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