Monday, July 11, 2011


****This blog is being hijacked, at least for today*****

My name is Lee and Ryan and Kendra are my close friends. After a little coercion, with great embarrassment and no desire for inappropriate notoriety, and a small helping of gratitude, the Prudhomme's handed me the keys to the blog today so I can tell you about a benefit we are planning for them.
from 3:30-8pm
at Paradise Ranch- Grace Adventures

There will be family games, a chuck wagon dinner, horse demonstrations, and silent auction. The day will culminate in a ROWDY live auction that will begin at 6:30pm!

The auction items being donated are amazing. Plane rides, gift certificates EVERYWHERE, cottage rentals, and so much more.

I know, if you have watched Ryan and Kendra walk this road, and if you are reading this then in some way you have, that you may have a strong desire to help. There are many ways to help right now and I promise to tell you how.

1. PRAY! Above all, I solicit your continued PRAYER support for Ryan and Kendra. All our hope is in Christ, as our SAVIOR and our HEALER. Please pray for His will to be accomplished, for endurance, strength, and patience. Please pray for the Rodeo and the details of the day.

2. ROCK! During the Rodeo, we will have a Rock-a-thon fundraiser occurring on the porch of the Mercantile. Rocking chairs that will go nonstop, filled with people who have independently raised support for their efforts to give to Ryan and Kendra. Might you choose to fundraise within your sphere of influence as an individual or with a team? You can go to the rodeo website at

3.COME! Please, please bring your family and friends to enjoy the day and participate in the auction.

4. GIVE! A paypal link is right here. Or send a check to
Word of Life

Attn: Ryan and Kendra Prudhomme

515 N. 72nd Ave.

Hart, MI 49420

Check will be made payable to Word of Life.

Please do not write their names on the check itself, but on a note tucked in the envelope. Thank you!

You can follow along on Facebook by liking "Rodeo for Ryan." That will keep you updated with the current happenings, great items to be auctioned, and ways to pray and get involved. If you need more info or want to help in another way feel free to contact me-

Neither you, nor I would have chosen this path for our friends. It honestly breaks my heart to watch two people I love struggle and face something this terrifying. But I want to challenge you to not look away. God is doing something amazing right here, right now, in and through Ryan and Kendra. I'm scared to death and begging God for more faith FOR THEM and for ME every single day. It is sweet therapy when God allows me to serve them and just DO something with my hands to help.

This Rodeo, my friends, is our way to not just apply prayer and hope for Christ's healing, but to get our hands dirty and to give generously and serve well. Ryan and Kendra will be blessed and Christ will be glorified. May it be so, Jesus. Make it so.

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