Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update on Ryan

Hey everybody.  Well, things are going really quite well!  We think that the anti-nausea meds have REALLY been doing what they're supposed to be doing, and overall we're quite pleased with how Ryan is doing.  He is pretty tired and woozy, but that's easily remedied by taking frequent naps, sleeping lots at night, and sitting down most of the time!  However, he did walk around outside with me and Colton today, and he has been sociable and in a good mood.  He's been eating VERY well; I'd almost venture a guess that his appetite has been the best this cycle out of the four cycles he's done so far!

We're determined to enjoy this holiday weekend.  Ryan has been definitely pushing himself to keep in the game and not allow his chemotherapy regimen to make him miss out on things that he enjoys.  In that vein, he has played catch with his brothers (yes, both of them...Jeremy is visiting from Texas!), he went horseback riding with me for a little while yesterday, and has been playing with Colton quite a bit.

I really feel like life has slowly settled into a rhythm.  It's different, it's new, and I'm not sure yet that I can say that I "like" it (is there anything to like about the cancer lifestyle?), but there is a certain amount of predictability.  We have been closely watching a few people that have had this type of cancer and have similar stories to Ryan's, and they have had excellent prognosis.  We have hope!  There is always hope in our Lord. He is BIG!

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