Saturday, July 23, 2011


We are...

Thankful for the hope that we have as followers of Jesus Christ

Thankful for God’s word and how it girds us and encourages us

Thankful for Ryan being virtually symptom-free still after having been diagnosed with stage IV cancer for almost four months

Thankful for powerful anti-nausea medications

Thankful for chemotherapy, despite its ugly side effects

Thankful for the organization and incredible team at Grace Adventures (where Ryan works) and how they have been so understanding and supportive of Ryan having to take time off intermittently

Thankful for our sweet baby boy, Colton Scott

Thankful for each other and a wonderful marriage based on mutual respect and that it is an equal partnership

Thankful for the new outlook that we have on life, for clarity, for re-prioritizing our lives, and for our new attitude of "Living in High Definition"

Thankful for both sets of our parents, who have been married for 29 years (Prudhomme) and almost 40 years (Klotz).  The four of them have been a huge encouragement and support for us.

Thankful for our four brothers, who have all been there for us during this

Thankful for our many friends and family that are supporting us through this...we feel so loved

Thankful for the generosity of friends, family, and strangers

Thankful for our church family, who have rallied around us unbelievably

Thankful that God has a plan and we don’t have the responsibility of working it out

Thankful for God’s provision for us

Thankful for His protection

Thankful for health insurance that covers most of Ryan's treatments

Thankful for friends that are planning two different benefits for us (August 6thRodeo for Ryan and August 28thHart alumni soccer game)

Thankful for our beautiful, peaceful 10 acres, and the privilege of home ownership

Thankful for cars that run pretty well most of the time, despite their advanced age (consequently, we are also very thankful for Mears Service Center and my dad for keeping them running)

Thankful for the Cancer Treatment Center of America and their positive outlook for Ryan’s health in the midst of a deadly cancer.  Very thankful for the intelligent, compassionate staff that work here

Thankful for two ladies who have encouraged us with their successful stories of overcoming this cancer

Thankful for cancer researchers and their tireless work in finding a cure for a terrible disease

Thankful for the opportunities that we’re getting to speak truth into people’s lives

Thankful that people love us enough to do menial tasks for us like cleaning our house, cooking us meals, mowing our lawn, watching our son (well that is not menial, that is super fun), and doing our laundry when things get overwhelming

Thankful for the increased time that we've had to spend together, and that Ryan feels well enough to enjoy things that we like to do together

Thankful that God has blessed Ryan and I with intelligence and a never-say-die sense of determination, as that has been helpful in us getting answers and finding the best treatment course possible for him

Even in the midst of difficulty, there are always blessings.  They may be bittersweet, they may be small, but they are there.  What are you thankful for?

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Jeremy Prudhomme said...

I'm thankful for you two for being an inspiration for me with your faith and attitudes through this battle!