Friday, July 15, 2011

What to blog about?

Lately this blog has been pretty quiet, except for of course when our rancorous friend named Lee hijacked the blog the other day.  Isn't she fun?

The truth is, life has felt pretty normal the last few weeks.  I had an emotional explosion two weeks ago and felt very strongly like the Lord was calling me to surrender this situation (again) to him.  In the wake of that, my stress level has decreased, while my peace with the world has greatly increased.  Ryan has been feeling just about normal.  Colton has been great except for some possible food allergy issues that we've been working on lately (did you know that gluten is in EVERYTHING?!).  So all in all, any blogs that we have to write at the moment might be yawn-inducing.  Consider yourself warned.

So I wanted to blog about something that would encourage the many people that are writing this blog.  I know that many of you have been worried about Ryan and praying like crazy for a miracle.  Don't stop.  But now more than ever, we are starting to find more hope medically.  You see, we have been closely watching the cases of a few people across the nation who have been fighting stage IV cholangiocarcinoma and are either winning the battle, or they have essentially won the war.  If you would have told me this in April, I would not have believed you because I was still puking from the fear that camped out in my stomach after reading about Ryan's cancer on the Internet.  Cancer research is at a frenzied pace.  Our doctor told us at our last visit that Ryan has to make it a goal to stick around for a few years because at this rate, something new is bound to come down the pipe.  So as you are remembering us in prayer, please pray for the many cancer researchers around the nation, that the Lord would use them in a mighty way and give them the knowledge to bust something loose in the treatment and cure of cancer.

At the end of the day, we have some hope medically, but we have utmost hope and faith in our Lord, because He is good and faithful - and he loves us endlessly.

And don't forget about AUGUST 10TH!  That is the big day for scans!


Anonymous said...

I did know that there is gluten in EVERYTHING! Hang in there.

Aunt Marjie

Anonymous said...

Yes it is in so much. I have a friend whose kiddo doesn't eat anything with gluten in it. She would probably be a great resource if that is a route you need to take for Colton Praying!

Courtney Moore